Prop Swords About Us

Prop Swords About Us


Prop Swords

A place where you can find Replica Swords Online at an affordable price point that doesn’t break your bank.

Entrenched in 2005, Prop Swords offers you a great shopping experience as has top-of-the-line customer service representatives.

We also provide online access to a wide-ranging collection of:

Props words bids more than just practically priced collectibles. Our products are of the best quality at peerless prices. In addition, every Prop Swords product is supported by a 100% fulfillment guarantee! Suppose, for some reason; you are not fully satisfied with an item you have ordered from Prop Swords. In that case, you may return it (within 72 hours of the delivery) for compensation or exchange as we believe in customer satisfaction.

Discounts offered:

We offer you the most up-to-date products at an affordable and attractive price. So please do Subscribe to our newsletter. Discounts and coupons are sent out weekly(Discounts displayed on do not apply to Wholesalers/Drop shippers).

Oh yes! We also wholesale! If you have a valid Business License or Tax ID, please email us at for a quote on our wholesale prices.

Legal adult age:

Due to the products we sell category, customers must be 18 years of age to order from Props words. Therefore, when you purchase any goods from Props words, you must provide documentation that proves that you are of legal adult age and that the merchandise can be bought and owned in your state, county, or city of residence.

Props words do not represent or warrant that any specific purchaser may legally purchase, own, or possess the merchandise ordered by offering merchandise for sale.