The Top Store for Functional Swords from your Favorite Shows

We have all seen a cool character on television and wished we'd been born in a time when we could hold a sword and envision ourselves as master swordsmen or knights. If you are looking for somewhere, you can fulfill your medieval fantasy and science fiction dreams, our site is perfect for you.

With a never-ending catalog of swords, knives, and shields, you can have your pick of the perfect decoration for your room or prop to complete your costume. With different editions and real, high-quality steel to give you an authentic feel, you can project your favorite wielder as though you've become them.

Movie Swords

Our collections from various movies and games are of particular interest, including original swords and shields. Did the Shard of Nasil or Gimli's iconic ax make you want to see them in real life? Both are available, and several others are in the Lord of the Rings category.

There are also swords from the Chronicles of Narnia, the legendary house swords from Game of Thrones, and even Godric Gryffindor's sword from Harry Potter. Of course, we will add more options soon. In particular, the 'The Witcher' and 'Star Trek Bat'leth' categories will soon have swords from which to choose.

Video Game Swords

 If you're a video game buff, you'll want to consider getting a keepsake from your favorite sword-wielding characters, particularly the Final Fantasy swords like the Keyblade of Sora or the Squall Gunblade Revolver are unique products, with the latter fully functional.

And keeping with the requests, apart from the Legend of Zelda sword and Legend of Drizzt twin Do’Urden scimitar swords, we will be adding more for the perfect shrine to your gaming obsession. On top of that, iconic games like Halo will soon have their products updated.

Anime Swords

There is nothing more popular these days than the famous Japanese animes, taking the world by storm. And one element that you will often see, especially in the fantasy genre, is the use of unique and eye-catching swords.

In particular, Demon Slayer is an incredibly popular anime, and we have you covered if you want to emulate your favorite fighter. You can buy Inosuke’s wedged sword or Rengoku’s Red Nichirin.

That's not all, and our catalog also includes swords from Sword Art Online, the long-running One Piece, ever-popular Bleach, Naruto, and even a Dragon Ball Z sword.

Of course, even if you want the perfect addition to your cosplay, we have a wide variety, from Japanese Katanas to Roman-style swords. There are also knives and shields.

Depending on your budget and the durability you want your sword to have (if you're looking to start a duel or something), you have control over the type of steel. There's stainless steel, carbon, high carbon, and even the high-quality Japanese Spring Steel, which has small amounts of silicon, allowing them to retain shape.

So whether you’re looking for a high-grade souvenir or the perfect gift for a die-hard fan, it doesn’t get much better than here!

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