What is the perfect sword? We could give you the highest quality blade made of expensive steel, but if you have no interest in it, then it’s not perfect. The best sword depends on what you need and why you’re buying it.

The first matter you need to decide on is why you're buying the sword. Is it a gift for a hobbyist? Are you starting or adding to your collection? Do you want to re-enact sword fights or want to complete the perfect cosplay outfit? Or are you just looking for a classic display piece for your study?

All this will dictate how much money you spend and what sword you buy.

  1. If you want to display work, go for a stainless steel blade. Keep your budget and needs in mind, and choose a sword that goes with the room's aesthetic.
  2. If you want a sword to go with a costume, it's also a good idea to choose stainless steel. It's a hassle-free option. But make sure to ask for a blunt edge so you don't accidentally cut someone.
  3. If you want an authentic sword, then choose carbon or high carbon steel for the product. The high-carbon steel blades are the most commonly used, and they are the most usable.
  4. If you want something extra special and in a line of work where you regularly use the swords, the Japanese spring steel is a great option. It makes swords flexible and longer-lasting.

While the design is important, it doesn’t affect a sword's functionality. Any material can have the same design, but metal changes everything.

Remember that if you go for a carbon or high carbon blade, you need to be prepared to put in work to maintain it, or it will rust. While not a complicated process, it does take time. A high carbon blade needs regular attention, so don't get one if you're unsure you can do it.

Another good idea is to shop for a display case while you buy your sword. Otherwise, you'll have no proper place to store it, and if it gets scratched or pushed around, your money will go to waste.

Be careful with where you place it. If you end up just nailing it to the wall, it'll lose its sine in no time. If you're starting a collection, it's good to choose a dry room and buy many display cases at once.

A stainless steel sword will do if you buy a movie, anime, or game sword as a souvenir. But if you want it to feel more real, then getting a carbon steel blade is suitable because it's still relatively low maintenance and more functional.

All of the options on our site are authentic replicas so that you can channel your favorite swordsmen.

A sword is an investment, so you should be careful when selecting one. Remember to pay attention to what you want and put in the time to think about it before deciding.

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