Sword of Omens Deluxe Thundercats The Lion Replica Sword

Sword of Omens Deluxe Thundercats The Lion Replica Sword

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Extra: Regular Box
Material: Stainless Steel
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Thundercats HO! The Sword of Omens begins as a blade conveyed by Lion-O, however, when power is required for equity, the sword stretches out to a regular longsword. This is the standard reproduction of that sword made utilizing tempered steel and with a mirror cleaned edge with a somewhat sharp edge. Suggested for Cosplay and show purposes, this piece of workmanship has the Thundercats logo on the watchman and lights up red with the press of a button. Indeed, the two sides light up and have that logo. The handle is all aluminum and extremely sparkly with red and blue jewels arranged along the handle. Accompanies a free calfskin injected sheath and waistband.

By and large Length: 46.25 Inches
Edge Length: 33.25 Inches
Edge Width: 1.95 Inches
Edge: Half Tang, Features Fuller Groove, Stainless Steel
Sharpness: Slightly Sharp, Angled Edge, Cosplay Replica
Monitor and Hilt: 7.125 Inches, Thunder Logo Lights Up Red, Batteries Included
Handle: 11.85 Inches, Solid Aluminum, Featuring Gems
Incorporates: Custom Black Leather Sheath w Belt Loop